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This post is not sponsored and I wasn’t asked to write about it either. I just wanted to share some advice from one parent to another. 


Lets talk about sleep swaddles…now I’m not going to lie, my newest addition Max isn’t sleeping through the night BUT our nights are a whole lot easier since using the Grobag Swaddles.  With my first child Brock I remember laying out the wraps on the bed, trying to keep his arms tucked in, having to take the whole wrap off at every nappy change and trying to work out if he was warm enough or not.

So let me share with you why I love these Swaddles Grobags.

  • They are super easy to use! Just lay your child in the bag and zip them up.
  • You can unzip the bottom to allow for easy nappy changes
  • They have press studs on the arms to allow your child’s arms to come out.
  • Doubled lined chest for secure swaddle comfort
  • Chin/zip guards and no rough edges or seams to prevent rubbing
  • Unique curved seams allow for natural leg position; officially recognised as “Hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • They also come with a nursery thermometer and guide so you know what your child needs to wear with the swaddle according to your rooms temperature.
  • Best of all for a busy mum of two and a child that spews a lot, they are machine washable AND can be tumble tried on low heat. WINNING





The Swaddle Grobag comes in two weights of fabric:

  • Cosy is for cool rooms between 16 and 20°C
  • Light is for warm rooms between 21 and 25°C


They have so many gorgeous prints in this range and the quality is amazing! We have been using them for two weeks straight and can’t see us not using them now.

The Gro Egg is a fantastic room Thermometer that you can purchase. Much easier to use then the nursery thermometer the bags come with. I also use it as a night light for my older son.

This gorgeous comforter is also a Gro Company item. (He doesn’t sleep with it yet as that’s a SIDS risk)

This product works for us and I hope that you have found this information helpful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask or check out The Gro Company’s website for more information.

Thanks for Reading

Annmaree xx


Harry High Pants


I wish someone had come to me when Brock was born and said “make sure you buy a pram liner”…it was the one thing I kept putting off. I wasn’t sure where to buy one from and I was a little nervous about purchasing online incase the quality wasn’t great. Well that was stupid because my pram got covered in food, milk and all sorts of bodily fluids. It wasn’t until about 3 months ago we came across Harry High Pants. Not only do they stock quality pram liners they also stock multipurpose covers, baby moccasins, baby bibs and baby change sets.


It is so much easier to take off the pram liner and wash it then clean my pram! So please if you are expecting a baby put this on your baby shower list or do yourself a favour and buy a pram liner. Harry High Pants has a fantastic range of beautiful, stylish prints that are also reversible and come with matching shoulder straps. They are made from a premium high density foam for extra comfort and durability and are treated with Ultrafresh to keep away mildew (which is a big bonus for those with asthma or eczema). They will also fit most prams, strollers, rockers, high chairs and trolleys. Oh and machine washable! Win win in my eyes.


Harry High Pants is a wonderful business ran by Lauren, her tradie hubby and her two sons Harry & Charlie. It all started out when Lauren was frustrated by not being able to find good quality, practical, preferably Australian made and funky baby products. First she began designing and making her own accessories for her first son Harry via YouTube lessons to teach herself how to sew. Then it wasn’t long before she had requests from friends who soon turned into customers and Harry High Pants began.


Harry High Pants is still designed by Lauren but now made by a family run manufacturing team right in here in Melbourne. Their packaging is also made in Melbourne and they are passionate about being Australian made and feel that it sets them apart from the other leading Pram Liner/Baby accessories businesses. Though their leather moccasins are not made in Australia they made the choice to support ethically run leather making businesses.

Leopard suit from Frankie Jones the Label

Lauren is an incredibly wonderful, vibrant and creative person with a flare for picking on trend prints and creating the perfect pram liners and baby accessories. Lauren hopes that her prints put smiles on faces and if they don’t, then her business name certainly should!




Life With Brock xx