Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_10.14.18_pm_300x@2xBreastfeeding…for some an incredibly magical moment between baby and Mum, for others a nightmare of problems that may or may not be overcome. It’s not for everyone and I agree that fed is best but if you wish to give breastfeeding a chance Mamas Milkbar is here to help!

Mamas Milkbar offer wonderfully curated boxes of tools and support to help out a first time Mum or even a Mum expecting her second, third or fourth child. Not every child is the same so don’t expect your breastfeeding journey to be the same either. This wonderful box and idea was put together by the founder Elise who after experiencing her own struggles with breastfeeding and realising the lack of support for new mums started putting together gift boxes for her friends with the tools useful in the support of breastfeeding. An idea soon turned into a business and Mamas Milkbar was born!


So whats in these boxes that can make your life a little easier?

There are 4 breastfeeding box options to choose from, ranging from $99 to $159.99 or you can even build your own. The one I have for my beautiful boy Maxwell is the Golden Boobie Breastfeeding box and it contains the following:

1 x Super Simple Silicone Breastpump

1 x Pack of Avent Breastshells

1 x Breastfeeding Naturally – Breastfeeding Handbook by The Australian Breastfeeding Association

1 x Breast friendly gel pad

1 x Galactacookies Mix

1 x Handmade wool felt cabbage leaf

1 x Hand letter-pressed letter of encouragement

2 x Organic bamboo washable breast pads

1 x Luxury matte black storage box

2 x Calico storage bags for breast pump and breast shells


 I have been breastfeeding Maxwell for almost 2 months and thankfully I have had it probably almost too easy with my journey. The worst I’ve endured this time is feeling engorged when Maxwell got sick and wouldn’t feed. Luckily this box comes with a handy little breast pump and it took the pressure off. From this box I have used everything but the breast shells so far and it has been so handy! This doesn’t mean my journey will continue to go so smoothly but I feel that with this box I have the necessities to get me through it. The other thing that came with this box is a new friendship, Elise has been nothing but kind to me and if I had a question to ask she was so helpful, she truly cares about each and everyone of her customers. (Elise you’re a legend)

To all those that plan on breastfeeding do yourself a favour and invest in this box because breastfeeding struggles don’t always occur during the day when a pharmacy is open. Be prepared and have the tools ready to make your journey smoother. If breastfeeding doesn’t work for you don’t punish yourself. It can be soo incredibly hard and in the end as long as your baby is fed thats all that matters.

I will also mention the amazing book that it comes with “Breastfeeding Naturally” (The Australian Breastfeeding Association’s guide to breastfeeding – from birth to weaning), make sure you have a read of it or flick through before your child is born, familiarise yourself with it. This little book will be your go to. It has everything from preparing to breastfeed, how can I tell if I have enough milk to sore nipples, mastitis and even co-sleeping.


For those worried about making the cookies it was incredibly easy and although they aren’t as sweet as your choc chip cookies, they worked a treat at increasing my milk supply when I felt like I was having a bit of trouble.


TIP: Pack your Mamas milk bar items into your hospital bag (especially the book), you never know how long you might be in for and some of the items are very useful early on. Like the breast pads! You never know how much you need those till you’re leaking through your shirt. 😉


As always thanks for reading

Annmaree xx


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The W17 Boys Fashion Round up

 Here are some of our top picks for Winter Fashion this season that will have your little man looking super trendy and staying nice and warm!

For the Toddler 

The Park Edit


Clothes from Threads For Boys 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

For the Monochrome Lover 

Clothes from Threads For Boys 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

For the Little One

For the Monochrome Lover

Clothes from Threads For Boys 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

For the Crawler (or faller)  

Suits from Skittle and Mouse 

Beanie from TFPR & CO

Shoes from  Bobux Shoes

Being a Mum of boys I tend to lean towards darker colours for winter but will sometimes choose a colourful piece to brighten up a gloomy day. Check out these colourful choices…

Blue Romper, Jumper and Long Sleeve top from Baby Harrison Apparel 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

Mustard Romper from Frankie Jones the Label

Stay tuned for a some changes coming to Life With Brock and I hope you enjoyed my picks for boys Winter Fashion.

Life With Brock xx