Miles & Tate


The perfect decor, keepsake or gift for new parents does exist!

When someone tells me they are pregnant I usually meet that with excitement and a hug, followed by panic, I now have 7-8months to find the “perfect” gift. You know the one that says “I’m up with the kid trends, its sentimental and I actually put a lot of effort in” not my usual “oh shit dash to target on the way to visit the new baby.”  Well let me introduce you to Miles & Tate. The very trendy, sentimental and most thoughtful gift you could give a new parent OR purchase for yourself like I did.

Miles & Tate create the most amazing personalised cushions and also have a great range of wall prints, head bands and blankets. So scratch your head no more and do yourself a favour and save this into your go to gift list. While I write this I’m also working on an apology letter to the lovely ladies who make all these cushions by hand, don’t hold me responsible for your hospital bill when your hands don’t work anymore. 😉


So who are the ladies behind Miles & Tate? Let me introduce you to Mel and Cindy. The creative sister duo whose products are showing up in bedrooms around the world. They started M&T in late 2013 as their creative outlet when they were both on maternity leave. What stared as a hobby making some extra money selling to family and friends grew from there. They have always enjoyed being creative together even as kids and would always feed off each others ideas. As they both have different strengths they use it to their advantage. Mel drives their marketing content via social media and basically all the hard work behind the scenes as this is her full time job and Cindy works part time at M&T as she is also an Art Teacher. Cindy also takes the lead on all things visual and also the more boring bits of the business as she’s the more “tech savvy” sister. They have also enlisted the help of their mum to join their little team as she crochets all of their beautiful blankets and headbands.

I really admire people who create something original and always wonder where their inspiration came from. Cindy and Mel found inspiration for their cushions from a variety of different sources. Their distinctive geometric patterns stem from their love of art. They blended inspirations from the traditional artworks of Piet Mondrian with art from contemporary graphic designers, like the colourful Reg Mombassa from Mambo to create something unique. They gathered inspiration for their Wall Prints from things around them such as the ocean or nature, their prints are all original and each season they release a new collection.


I feel their is something extra special about buying a product from someone who has put so much effort and love into creating into it. The process that Cindy and Mel go through to create your beloved cushions is amazing. They draw every design by HAND! It is then coloured, sewn together, heat set, sewn again, stuffed with stuffing and then closed shut. This process roughly takes 1-2 hours per cushion from start to finish. They try and do the cushions in ‘lots’ and have a production line happening. Their stream of cushions is never ending as Mel lives in Northern NSW and Cindy lives in Melbourne’s West and they both have their own work spaces set up.

I have no idea how they manage to run a business and a household but Cindy and Mel have let me know its all about finding balance, they allocate time to work on M&T whilst their children are at daycare or when they are sleeping in the evening. They have a lot of early mornings and late night hustles and they save weekends for time with their families. They say working from home has its advantages (like staying in their pjs all day) but success doesn’t happen without hard work. They are outdoors people and going for a surf or walk everyday is essential to maintaining a healthy work/life balance to recharge the soul.
So after receiving my personalised cushion I can let you know that I am incredibly happy and that I now have something to treasure and hold onto that has my little mans name on the front and birth details on the back. I also have some awesome new prints to brighten up Brock’s room. So if like me you usually struggle to find someone a thoughtful gift check out Miles & Tate because not only is it a trendy room accessory its a beautiful keepsake to remind a new parent of such a precious time.
Life With Brock xx