Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_10.14.18_pm_300x@2xBreastfeeding…for some an incredibly magical moment between baby and Mum, for others a nightmare of problems that may or may not be overcome. It’s not for everyone and I agree that fed is best but if you wish to give breastfeeding a chance Mamas Milkbar is here to help!

Mamas Milkbar offer wonderfully curated boxes of tools and support to help out a first time Mum or even a Mum expecting her second, third or fourth child. Not every child is the same so don’t expect your breastfeeding journey to be the same either. This wonderful box and idea was put together by the founder Elise who after experiencing her own struggles with breastfeeding and realising the lack of support for new mums started putting together gift boxes for her friends with the tools useful in the support of breastfeeding. An idea soon turned into a business and Mamas Milkbar was born!


So whats in these boxes that can make your life a little easier?

There are 4 breastfeeding box options to choose from, ranging from $99 to $159.99 or you can even build your own. The one I have for my beautiful boy Maxwell is the Golden Boobie Breastfeeding box and it contains the following:

1 x Super Simple Silicone Breastpump

1 x Pack of Avent Breastshells

1 x Breastfeeding Naturally – Breastfeeding Handbook by The Australian Breastfeeding Association

1 x Breast friendly gel pad

1 x Galactacookies Mix

1 x Handmade wool felt cabbage leaf

1 x Hand letter-pressed letter of encouragement

2 x Organic bamboo washable breast pads

1 x Luxury matte black storage box

2 x Calico storage bags for breast pump and breast shells


 I have been breastfeeding Maxwell for almost 2 months and thankfully I have had it probably almost too easy with my journey. The worst I’ve endured this time is feeling engorged when Maxwell got sick and wouldn’t feed. Luckily this box comes with a handy little breast pump and it took the pressure off. From this box I have used everything but the breast shells so far and it has been so handy! This doesn’t mean my journey will continue to go so smoothly but I feel that with this box I have the necessities to get me through it. The other thing that came with this box is a new friendship, Elise has been nothing but kind to me and if I had a question to ask she was so helpful, she truly cares about each and everyone of her customers. (Elise you’re a legend)

To all those that plan on breastfeeding do yourself a favour and invest in this box because breastfeeding struggles don’t always occur during the day when a pharmacy is open. Be prepared and have the tools ready to make your journey smoother. If breastfeeding doesn’t work for you don’t punish yourself. It can be soo incredibly hard and in the end as long as your baby is fed thats all that matters.

I will also mention the amazing book that it comes with “Breastfeeding Naturally” (The Australian Breastfeeding Association’s guide to breastfeeding – from birth to weaning), make sure you have a read of it or flick through before your child is born, familiarise yourself with it. This little book will be your go to. It has everything from preparing to breastfeed, how can I tell if I have enough milk to sore nipples, mastitis and even co-sleeping.


For those worried about making the cookies it was incredibly easy and although they aren’t as sweet as your choc chip cookies, they worked a treat at increasing my milk supply when I felt like I was having a bit of trouble.


TIP: Pack your Mamas milk bar items into your hospital bag (especially the book), you never know how long you might be in for and some of the items are very useful early on. Like the breast pads! You never know how much you need those till you’re leaking through your shirt. 😉


As always thanks for reading

Annmaree xx


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You don’t have to look hard at our Instagram page to realise how much we adore Bobux Shoes. First brought to my attention as a birthday present for Brock when he turned one they quickly turned into his favourite shoes and since then we have added a few more to the collection! Safe to say I am a Bobux Convert.


 Bobux have been at it since 1991 so safe to say they have been around a while to know their stuff! Their key goals are to create footwear that is good for kids feet and have beautiful design aspects. They are constantly learning and striving to achieve the very best in foot care and as a parent this should be your number one focus, the wrong pair of shoes can do a lot more damage in the long run.


Some key facts to know about Bobux are that they are child safe and non toxic, tested to reach standards and endorsed by podiatrists. They also offer shoes from newborn to pre-schoolers and each shoe is developed for the appropriate age. Gorgeous soft soled leather shoes for the newborns and a harder sole (thats still flexible) for the older kids. There is also a fast variety of colours and prints on offer to suit any child or parents taste. Bold colours, on trend monochromes and more classic designs and colours. Your child will always look stylish in any Bobux shoe.



Since owning Bobux shoes they have been tried and tested. Brock is not gentle, he doesn’t sit still and yet our Bobux shoes are still going strong. They have been on Brocks feet through the muddiest of puddles, running down sand dunes and general beach play, on the farm, parks and all our other many adventures through forest, pavement and dirt. I’m also not one to carefully clean anything so I just hose them off in the sink, let them dry and they are back on his feet the next day ready for another exciting adventure. Brock is also a Bobux lover and loves to stop and show people his shoes, it was cute at first and I thought it was because they were new but to this day he is still pointing out his shoes to strangers.


I could really go on and on about how much we love Bobux shoes but take it from us, our many friends and kids from all over the world who also own a pair. Bobux are a winner for your childs feet!

Life With Brock xx





Gippsland Makers Market


What a turn out, everyone involved with the Gippsland Makers Market should be very proud of what they achieved. Fantastic location, amazing stalls and such a great day! Possibly the only down fall of the event was parking, you would of thought the amount of streets and the 200 car parks available in front of the market would have been sufficient but it was chaos. Imagine Fountain Gate at christmas time. People were even making up their own spaces. Through no fault of the market though. Crazy parking is usually expected at these events but could people please listen to their advice and don’t block the service road.

Brock and I decided (well I decided and he had to go along with it) that we would check out the stalls and round up our top picks for the day.

Timberland Tribes



This beautiful little store has the most gorgeous hand made wooden toys, perfect for growing minds and imaginary play. I of course was a huge fan of the turquoise camera, but I could easily buy it all. Those little mountain peaks would be the perfect accessory for any kids bedroom, especially if you love a good “shelfie.”



Lekkel & Co


Such vibrant colours and fantastic products. I’ll be adding those mini deck chairs to Brock’s Christmas list. The only problem would be deciding on a colour! Lekkel & Co offer lounge bags, mini deck chairs, beach clutches, outdoor throw cushions, swim bags, outdoor seat pads, outdoor floor cushions and waterproof totes! By the end of the market you could of found Brock and I curled up in one of these lounge bags!







Visiting this store and I could almost here myself “clucking” these items were perfect for a nursery/child’s bedroom. They make Teepees, baby clips, baby play gyms, teether’s, mats and blocks. Not sure if that fabric is for you? Well they also do custom orders. Definitely worth checking them out!




Potted Life


I think I could just leave the photos here…seriously how amazing are these pots? Handcrafted and the perfect added decor to any home.





Hello Sweet Mae


Beautiful handmade homewares and accessories such as fabric baskets and zipper pouches. Such beautiful prints and great quality. I’m pretty sure our house could do with a touch of colourful organisation.





Parkly Press


The last in our round up is Parkly Press, they create custom designed stationary. We will definitely be getting in touch with Erin. These would make the perfect gift for someone or if your like me you will just buy it yourself.



Thank you for taking the time to read our roundup of our top picks for the Gippsland Makers Market. Such a successful day and can’t wait for the next one.

If you missed this one make sure you follow them on social media or check out there website for the next one!


Images by Strattan Photography