The Gro Company

This post is not sponsored and I wasn’t asked to write about it either. I just wanted to share some advice from one parent to another. 


Lets talk about sleep swaddles…now I’m not going to lie, my newest addition Max isn’t sleeping through the night BUT our nights are a whole lot easier since using the Grobag Swaddles.  With my first child Brock I remember laying out the wraps on the bed, trying to keep his arms tucked in, having to take the whole wrap off at every nappy change and trying to work out if he was warm enough or not.

So let me share with you why I love these Swaddles Grobags.

  • They are super easy to use! Just lay your child in the bag and zip them up.
  • You can unzip the bottom to allow for easy nappy changes
  • They have press studs on the arms to allow your child’s arms to come out.
  • Doubled lined chest for secure swaddle comfort
  • Chin/zip guards and no rough edges or seams to prevent rubbing
  • Unique curved seams allow for natural leg position; officially recognised as “Hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • They also come with a nursery thermometer and guide so you know what your child needs to wear with the swaddle according to your rooms temperature.
  • Best of all for a busy mum of two and a child that spews a lot, they are machine washable AND can be tumble tried on low heat. WINNING





The Swaddle Grobag comes in two weights of fabric:

  • Cosy is for cool rooms between 16 and 20°C
  • Light is for warm rooms between 21 and 25°C


They have so many gorgeous prints in this range and the quality is amazing! We have been using them for two weeks straight and can’t see us not using them now.

The Gro Egg is a fantastic room Thermometer that you can purchase. Much easier to use then the nursery thermometer the bags come with. I also use it as a night light for my older son.

This gorgeous comforter is also a Gro Company item. (He doesn’t sleep with it yet as that’s a SIDS risk)

This product works for us and I hope that you have found this information helpful. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask or check out The Gro Company’s website for more information.

Thanks for Reading

Annmaree xx


The W17 Boys Fashion Round up

 Here are some of our top picks for Winter Fashion this season that will have your little man looking super trendy and staying nice and warm!

For the Toddler 

The Park Edit


Clothes from Threads For Boys 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

For the Monochrome Lover 

Clothes from Threads For Boys 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

For the Little One

For the Monochrome Lover

Clothes from Threads For Boys 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

For the Crawler (or faller)  

Suits from Skittle and Mouse 

Beanie from TFPR & CO

Shoes from  Bobux Shoes

Being a Mum of boys I tend to lean towards darker colours for winter but will sometimes choose a colourful piece to brighten up a gloomy day. Check out these colourful choices…

Blue Romper, Jumper and Long Sleeve top from Baby Harrison Apparel 

Shoes from Bobux Shoes

Mustard Romper from Frankie Jones the Label

Stay tuned for a some changes coming to Life With Brock and I hope you enjoyed my picks for boys Winter Fashion.

Life With Brock xx



You don’t have to look hard at our Instagram page to realise how much we adore Bobux Shoes. First brought to my attention as a birthday present for Brock when he turned one they quickly turned into his favourite shoes and since then we have added a few more to the collection! Safe to say I am a Bobux Convert.


 Bobux have been at it since 1991 so safe to say they have been around a while to know their stuff! Their key goals are to create footwear that is good for kids feet and have beautiful design aspects. They are constantly learning and striving to achieve the very best in foot care and as a parent this should be your number one focus, the wrong pair of shoes can do a lot more damage in the long run.


Some key facts to know about Bobux are that they are child safe and non toxic, tested to reach standards and endorsed by podiatrists. They also offer shoes from newborn to pre-schoolers and each shoe is developed for the appropriate age. Gorgeous soft soled leather shoes for the newborns and a harder sole (thats still flexible) for the older kids. There is also a fast variety of colours and prints on offer to suit any child or parents taste. Bold colours, on trend monochromes and more classic designs and colours. Your child will always look stylish in any Bobux shoe.



Since owning Bobux shoes they have been tried and tested. Brock is not gentle, he doesn’t sit still and yet our Bobux shoes are still going strong. They have been on Brocks feet through the muddiest of puddles, running down sand dunes and general beach play, on the farm, parks and all our other many adventures through forest, pavement and dirt. I’m also not one to carefully clean anything so I just hose them off in the sink, let them dry and they are back on his feet the next day ready for another exciting adventure. Brock is also a Bobux lover and loves to stop and show people his shoes, it was cute at first and I thought it was because they were new but to this day he is still pointing out his shoes to strangers.


I could really go on and on about how much we love Bobux shoes but take it from us, our many friends and kids from all over the world who also own a pair. Bobux are a winner for your childs feet!

Life With Brock xx





Miles & Tate


The perfect decor, keepsake or gift for new parents does exist!

When someone tells me they are pregnant I usually meet that with excitement and a hug, followed by panic, I now have 7-8months to find the “perfect” gift. You know the one that says “I’m up with the kid trends, its sentimental and I actually put a lot of effort in” not my usual “oh shit dash to target on the way to visit the new baby.”  Well let me introduce you to Miles & Tate. The very trendy, sentimental and most thoughtful gift you could give a new parent OR purchase for yourself like I did.

Miles & Tate create the most amazing personalised cushions and also have a great range of wall prints, head bands and blankets. So scratch your head no more and do yourself a favour and save this into your go to gift list. While I write this I’m also working on an apology letter to the lovely ladies who make all these cushions by hand, don’t hold me responsible for your hospital bill when your hands don’t work anymore. 😉


So who are the ladies behind Miles & Tate? Let me introduce you to Mel and Cindy. The creative sister duo whose products are showing up in bedrooms around the world. They started M&T in late 2013 as their creative outlet when they were both on maternity leave. What stared as a hobby making some extra money selling to family and friends grew from there. They have always enjoyed being creative together even as kids and would always feed off each others ideas. As they both have different strengths they use it to their advantage. Mel drives their marketing content via social media and basically all the hard work behind the scenes as this is her full time job and Cindy works part time at M&T as she is also an Art Teacher. Cindy also takes the lead on all things visual and also the more boring bits of the business as she’s the more “tech savvy” sister. They have also enlisted the help of their mum to join their little team as she crochets all of their beautiful blankets and headbands.

I really admire people who create something original and always wonder where their inspiration came from. Cindy and Mel found inspiration for their cushions from a variety of different sources. Their distinctive geometric patterns stem from their love of art. They blended inspirations from the traditional artworks of Piet Mondrian with art from contemporary graphic designers, like the colourful Reg Mombassa from Mambo to create something unique. They gathered inspiration for their Wall Prints from things around them such as the ocean or nature, their prints are all original and each season they release a new collection.


I feel their is something extra special about buying a product from someone who has put so much effort and love into creating into it. The process that Cindy and Mel go through to create your beloved cushions is amazing. They draw every design by HAND! It is then coloured, sewn together, heat set, sewn again, stuffed with stuffing and then closed shut. This process roughly takes 1-2 hours per cushion from start to finish. They try and do the cushions in ‘lots’ and have a production line happening. Their stream of cushions is never ending as Mel lives in Northern NSW and Cindy lives in Melbourne’s West and they both have their own work spaces set up.

I have no idea how they manage to run a business and a household but Cindy and Mel have let me know its all about finding balance, they allocate time to work on M&T whilst their children are at daycare or when they are sleeping in the evening. They have a lot of early mornings and late night hustles and they save weekends for time with their families. They say working from home has its advantages (like staying in their pjs all day) but success doesn’t happen without hard work. They are outdoors people and going for a surf or walk everyday is essential to maintaining a healthy work/life balance to recharge the soul.
So after receiving my personalised cushion I can let you know that I am incredibly happy and that I now have something to treasure and hold onto that has my little mans name on the front and birth details on the back. I also have some awesome new prints to brighten up Brock’s room. So if like me you usually struggle to find someone a thoughtful gift check out Miles & Tate because not only is it a trendy room accessory its a beautiful keepsake to remind a new parent of such a precious time.
Life With Brock xx