Little Wuppy®


I feel extremely honoured to be able to share this brand with you and the story behind how it all started. This Little Wuppy® is not only a gorgeous little soft toy, it represents a bigger picture and I hope it brings much joy and comfort to those who need it or becomes the little friend that goes with your child on all their wildest adventures. The wonderful, creative and inspiring lady behind Little Wuppy® is Linda, she was kind enough to share her story on why she started this new business venture.


Linda originally worked as a primary school teacher and after suffering severe anxiety and panic attacks resigned. She was housebound for part of a year and needed to find her purpose again. She then started her own online business specialising in personalised artwork for children, this went on for five years. It was during this time that she had networked with many people and had some very deep conversations with parents about their children who were suffering from anxiety on a daily basis. This really touched Linda and she decided she wanted to help these children, so she closed down her art business and focused on her new business venture.

The Little Wuppy® has been carefully designed as an aid to help comfort children and ease their worries. It can help in many ways and for many different situations. Children can place the wuppy’s heart against their own to send their worries to the dog, or for children that might have sensory processing issues or have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) they can rub the soft minky backing or its textured, embroidered heart. This can help keep them calm or help them stay focused. It can also provide comfort to children who may be faced with school camp, time spent in hospital, separation anxiety, missing a loved one or even the loss of a loved one.


The name Little Wuppy® comes from a combination of ‘worry puppy,’ (wuppy) and the product is small in size so its discrete for children which is where the word ‘little’ comes into play. Linda designed the Little Wuppy® herself, she combined her love of drawing and her obsession with sausage dogs to create the cute soft toy. Although its very cute, Linda has also carefully put a lot of thought into this design. She wanted it to be simple so it didn’t overwhelm already anxious children and kept it as kid friendly as possible. The shape of the dog is designed so it can be held with one hand or kept in a pocket, bag, pencil case or even placed under a pillow. The ink used is non-toxic and its fill is hypoallergenic. Its front is cotton and has a beautiful soft minky backing. Want to know another amazing fact about the Little Wuppy®? It proudly holds an Australian Made licence as it’s manufactured by a local seamstress and packed by Linda herself.

Linda’s Purpose: “Through Little Wuppy® I want to help children manage their worries and provide comfort for them in times of need. I want to help break down the stigma associated with mental health issues, especially in regards to children. I want to teach children and adults, that anxiety is real and it can be managed. I want to encourage open dialogue about mental illness. And I want people to know that there is no shame when it comes to mental health, no shame at all.”



I cannot thank Linda enough for letting me share her story. What an inspiring woman. Not only has she created such a well designed gorgeous toy but she is helping children everywhere. So if you’re reading this and have thought about a child that could benefit from owning one of these, head over and check out Linda’s website. Something as small as a Little Wuppy® could really make a big difference in a childs life.

Life With Brock xx

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Baby Harrison Apparel

Let me introduce you (if you haven’t already discovered) to this gorgeous little brand,
Baby Harrison Apparel.
I don’t think this brand could have your child looking any cuter! From their beautiful rompers, overalls, shorts, leggings, harem rompers, singlets and soft comfortable jumpers, your child will be the best dressed in the playground. Not only will your child be looking the part, these clothes are designed for comfort. They are non restrictive so your little one can keep walking, crawling or wriggling around.


The amazing, creative and clever woman behind this brand is Chloe, and Baby Harrison Apparel was named after her 14month old son Harrison. It all started when Chloe had Harry, she went from working 12 hour days to being a stay at home mum and had no idea what to do. She was on her own, with no family around. She ended up suffering from post natal depression and spent the first six weeks of Harry’s life crying. She didn’t know who she was anymore and decided to change this and do something for herself.
Chloe has always been a creative person and during her primary school days she would make quilts and sew clothes for her dolls and bears. She also studied art during and after school. So when Harry napped she would sew, (lucky for her he napped a lot) she would be in her craft room doing what she loved and taking her mind off her post natal depression. Now when Harry started dribbling she made him bibs to match his outfits and from there other mums in her mums group started asking for bibs, cute nappy covers and so on. They would request and she would sew.
So from there Baby Harrison Apparel has grown and become the wonderful brand you see on your own kids or others. Chloe always sources out her own fabrics and looks for fun patterns and colours, she’s drawn to ones that make her feel happy. The designs she creates are also different from those you can buy at the shops. She also offers custom order spots, which is wonderful if you have something in mind and like me you can’t even sew your button back on your shirt.
So if your browsing the internet trying to search for the perfect 1st Birthday outfit or something fun and happy for your child to wear look no further then Baby Harrison Apparel. Not only are you supporting another mum, your child will be looking the goods.
Life With Brock xx
Ps: If your reading this and you too are feeling overwhelmed by the journey of motherhood, remember you are not alone. Reach out to someone, see your doctor or find your happy place. The combination of fatigue, hormonal changes and the psychological adjustment to motherhood can be little too much at times.

Gippsland Makers Market


What a turn out, everyone involved with the Gippsland Makers Market should be very proud of what they achieved. Fantastic location, amazing stalls and such a great day! Possibly the only down fall of the event was parking, you would of thought the amount of streets and the 200 car parks available in front of the market would have been sufficient but it was chaos. Imagine Fountain Gate at christmas time. People were even making up their own spaces. Through no fault of the market though. Crazy parking is usually expected at these events but could people please listen to their advice and don’t block the service road.

Brock and I decided (well I decided and he had to go along with it) that we would check out the stalls and round up our top picks for the day.

Timberland Tribes



This beautiful little store has the most gorgeous hand made wooden toys, perfect for growing minds and imaginary play. I of course was a huge fan of the turquoise camera, but I could easily buy it all. Those little mountain peaks would be the perfect accessory for any kids bedroom, especially if you love a good “shelfie.”



Lekkel & Co


Such vibrant colours and fantastic products. I’ll be adding those mini deck chairs to Brock’s Christmas list. The only problem would be deciding on a colour! Lekkel & Co offer lounge bags, mini deck chairs, beach clutches, outdoor throw cushions, swim bags, outdoor seat pads, outdoor floor cushions and waterproof totes! By the end of the market you could of found Brock and I curled up in one of these lounge bags!







Visiting this store and I could almost here myself “clucking” these items were perfect for a nursery/child’s bedroom. They make Teepees, baby clips, baby play gyms, teether’s, mats and blocks. Not sure if that fabric is for you? Well they also do custom orders. Definitely worth checking them out!




Potted Life


I think I could just leave the photos here…seriously how amazing are these pots? Handcrafted and the perfect added decor to any home.





Hello Sweet Mae


Beautiful handmade homewares and accessories such as fabric baskets and zipper pouches. Such beautiful prints and great quality. I’m pretty sure our house could do with a touch of colourful organisation.





Parkly Press


The last in our round up is Parkly Press, they create custom designed stationary. We will definitely be getting in touch with Erin. These would make the perfect gift for someone or if your like me you will just buy it yourself.



Thank you for taking the time to read our roundup of our top picks for the Gippsland Makers Market. Such a successful day and can’t wait for the next one.

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Images by Strattan Photography

Frankie Jones The Label


Frankie Jones has my heart.

I’d love to leave it at that but let me tell you why I adore this brand so much. Get ready to fall in love too…

Firstly Frankie Jones is a business ran by an incredibly talented Mum, (hats off to mums that can also run a business). Cath has 10 years experience in fashion design and has worked with large Australian and International Brands. Her job has taken her all over the world but on having her daughter Indi (now 2), she wasn’t sure whether to return to the fast pace world of fashion. She had been developing this dream for many years but in 2014 she decided to make her dream a reality and in March 2016 Frankie Jones The Label launched.

The label offers both ladies and babies clothing, which in my eyes is a win win, who doesn’t love purchasing for your Bub and “accidentally” adding to the cart a gorgeous knit, blouse or tee for yourself. The babies/kids range is beautiful. Its fun yet comfortable and made from soft organic fabrics. They are also practical with keeping in mind the requirements to easily get the garments on and off the child. Cath designed the ladies range focusing on comfort and practicality. “Clothes you will love to wear with mum life taken in to consideration”. The clothing is not designed specifically for breastfeeding or maternity wear. Which for me is a plus because I’ve just finished breastfeeding and I don’t want to see a double layered shirt or unclipping strap for a while!

The next reason as why I’m happy to wear and let Brock wear Frankie Jones The Label is because of the behind the scenes effort she’s gone to. Cath is passionate about fair trade and sustainable fashion and is ensuring that her makers are being paid correctly, have excellent working conditions, work standard hours, have superannuation, health benefits, etc. The garments themselves have also had a lot of thought put into them as she only uses natural fibres and non chemical inks when printing. Which is beneficial to not only her customers but the environment as well.


Did I mention that the garments are designed right here in Melbourne? All garments are designed from scratch and this is includes the print, so you don’t have to worry about rocking up at a mum lunch wearing the same patterned shirt as someone else’s handbag (boring). Cath is also purposely making small quantities to provide her customers with a level of exclusivity and her kind heart also doesn’t want to place pressure on her makers as they are from small workshops not factories.

Cath is also looking at expanding her brand and doing larger sizes, homewares and more womens clothing. As she is a full time mum she is taking one day at a time and her family is her number one priority (as most business mums can relate too). So if your not already following, wearing or drooling over Frankie Jones The Label I suggest you check out Cath’s fabulous brand and support her, whether it be with words of encouragement, following on social media, spreading the word or purchasing her beautiful garments.


Life With Brock xx

Visit to check out their range

Photos by Life With Brock/Strattan Photography