Time Out


Something I have recently realised is how important it is to have “me time.” I don’t mean everyday or in every week but as a mum you can get so caught up in the life of your child that we start to neglect ourself.

There has been plenty of times where my son has had a full stomach but mines empty, he’s had a bath but I’m going to bed smelly, he’s well rested and I’m sleep deprived. So I was long overdue for some “me time.”

Brock is still breastfed but up until recently he was having at least 4 feeds a day and before that he was feeding nearly every 3-4 hours. I could never express and he wouldn’t take to a bottle. Now I’m not complaining I LOVED breastfeeding it came very easy to us and the only issue we had was some biting when he teethes so I feel very fortunate. But because I chose to breastfeed so often for so long, I’ve never had much time to myself. I never strayed to far from Brock because I didn’t want him to miss a feed.

So since Brock is now down to two feeds a day, one in the morning and one before bed, my husband and I decided to take advantage of this and actually spend some quality time together and go out, just the two of us for our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary. We chose day time so that we weren’t exhausted for the next day and we could also spend some extra time relaxing together once Brock had gone to bed.

Before our date day I wanted to feel good. Im not talking “Oh I brushed my hair today, good” I mean, “I am wearing clean clothes and makeup good”. We went shopping and managed to scrounge up some money to spend on ourselves that came under the guilt free category of anniversary gifts. I also went out of my way to buy some new makeup. I have been rocking the same foundation since Yr12 and I have no clue what I’m doing. So I went and got some professional help. Thats a very long story because I literally had no clue and I learnt a lot! There is this stuff called primer?! You can also make it look like your cheek bones are bigger and apparently my skin isn’t too bad for someone who doesn’t “cleanse” …what ever that is?


Our date took place in beautiful Melbourne and when we hit the pavement I felt gooood, I was channeling my inner Kim K and rocking my pigeon toed strut. It was such a good feeling to get out, have an adult conversation, hold hands, wear makeup and clean clothes. Of course we missed Brock terribly but we knew he was fine, the constant phone call check ins reassured us.

IMG_7340 copy

This break gave me a chance to feel human again. Reboot my system and give me some mental stability to tackle motherhood until my next “me time.” I may of not been alone but being with my husband was also a great way to reconnect and spend some quality time together. I hope all parents out there schedule in some time to yourself or even with your partner. Don’t take the opportunity to do the washing, cleaning or other jobs (unless you love doing that stuff). Take time to read a book, get a massage, see a movie or have a date day. Recharge, because at the end of the day you are better to your child functioning then as a walking zombie.

I also know this is easier said then done 🙂

IMG_7335 copy

Life With Brock xx

P: Strattan Photography



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